Webcam sex online is becoming a booming industry, with more and more women signing up to achieve good and stable financial independence and to be able to work from home or anywhere else they prefer. Adult webcam sites allow cam girls to earn as much as they want, meaning that there is no limit and all you have to do is to master your skills and become the best webcam model.  


What are the main benefits of working on webcam sex online?


- You can meet plenty of interesting people that will help you develop most artistic skills and help you get to the top as the professional webcam model. Interacting with your regular users is a very rewarding experience on the adult live cam sites.


- You are flexible and can choose the hours you want to work. Yes, it’s all up to you. How much you want to work and when you want to work. It’s perfect for the amateur webcam girls as they can see whether they feel good in the erotic chat room or not, before making it a full-time job.


- You can have lots of fun doing what you are comfortable with. All the best webcam girls know that this can be a fascinating job. Online porn cam sites give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to your skills, and you don’t have to do anything you are not good at. You set up your limits. And webcam girls like to have fun too, which means you get to perform and play however you like on your live sex show.


- You don’t need to undergo a long and stressful hiring process. This is usually the part when a lot of people quit before they start. As a webcam girl, you have it easier, you only need a verification process, and you are ready to step into the erotic chat room.


Things You Will Need To Get Started


1. Computer - this is a must. With a massive choice of adult webcam sites, there are also different requirements. Before you apply to work as a webcam girl, read carefully what you need to get started. It’s worth taking your time to read various reviews on different online porn cam sites before making your final choice. Most software on camming sites runs on Windows, but there are also some that allow you to use Mac. Be sure you know this information before you get started.


2. Webcam - a high-quality virtual camera is something you have to invest in. That’s because most users are hoping for the best experience with their favorite webcam model and free online porn cam sites just have to make sure they can provide it. Some networks will allow you to start off with a regular laptop webcam, but you will have to upgrade to a professional one soon. You don’t want to stay on the amateur webcam girl level, right? If you are going to be a professional sex webcam model, you want to do it right. Think about all the live sex shows and your regular users that will tip you generously.


3. High - speed Internet - there isn’t much need to explain why you need a fast and clear connection. Nobody likes interruptions when they watch the best live sex cam shows, and they want to make sure they can follow all the moves and tricks the hot webcam girl can present them with. Wifi connection may work, but we don’t recommend it. Even if the adult chat site allows for it, sooner or later they will ask for a high-speed connection to make sure you can provide the top quality live sex show.


4. Location - you need a private and clean area to perform the best live sex show. Make sure that your place is secure and that nobody is going to walk in during your sex performance. It’s important to keep your audience focused on their webcam model, so make sure there is nothing else that could distract them. The best adult webcam sites also require that your lighting is as good as possible. You want to get as many regulars as possible, and for that, you need a good light and lots of room to take your live sex show performance to the next level.


Equipment You Will Need For The Best Performance


1. Sexy lingerie and outfits - this is the basics. You want to make your live sex show as interesting and exciting as possible so that the audience will want to come back. As the best webcam model, you need a wide selection of outfits and sexy lingerie so you can change your shows and keep everyone entertained. Different costumes can help you look hot and sexy and make your shows more teasing for the audience. If you can’t afford to buy many outfits, just wait until you start making money, which is going to be very soon because you want to be the best webcam model. Focus on your performance on the adult webcam site and wait for the tips that will allow you to buy more lingerie and come up with more costume-play live sex shows.


2. Lighting - it’s the money well spent. We already mentioned it, but you should remember that  good lighting can take your free live porn performance further than you think. Many users want to watch the best webcam models and see all the details. Who wants to miss a thing? If your room already has some good lighting, then there is no problem here. But if it doesn’t, then you should buy yourself some good lamps and move them around to provide the best visibility, and the best quality live sex show on the online porn cam site. Perfection is the key here. And you want to be that perfect hot webcam girl.


3. Toys - everyone loves toys. The more toys you have, the better your performance will be. As simple as that. It’s good to display everything you have got right in front of the camera when your customers enter adult webcam site and choose you to give them the most exciting performance. People visit online porn cam sites and enter erotic chat rooms to get surprised and to get some action. Let them know you are the best webcam model and you won’t let them down. Show them what you’ve got and convince them that you only provide the best quality live sex shows.


4. Preps for shows - imagine what you want to do and what you will need for that. It is all about your imagination as a webcam model. If you want to be the best, you have to think and act like you are the best. Many users come to the best adult webcam sites for the experience they won’t forget. So if you are that kind of girl that likes to perform and surprise, and wants to offer a wide range of live sex shows, you have to prepare for them. If you like fetish cam shows, make sure you have whatever you need to provide that kind of show. Lots of users have big expectations since fetish shows are becoming more popular and they fulfill people’s wildest sexual fantasies, so you want to make sure you keep them in that erotic sex chat room as long as possible. If they like it, they will tip you well.


5. Wireless mouse and keyboard - might be useful for certain things. If you want to create better and cleaner environment on the best adult webcam site, this is where wireless equipment comes in handy. You don’t have to interrupt your live sex show to click or type something on a computer. You can just keep on teasing and perform on the online porn cam site, and do everything from a place and a position most comfortable for you. And you regulars will love it. Their favorite webcam girl doing everything she can to make sure they don’t get interrupted.


Security Is Important


A lot of webcam girls don’t take this step seriously, but you should. Protecting your identity is very important, and you want to stay on top of that. Read those few essential highlights before you start working on the adult webcam site.


- Webcam Model Name - before you start performing, pick your performer name you will be using on the online porn cam site. Privacy is important so don’t ever use your real name. A lot of cam sites suggest to use the actual name instead of the typical screen name, and it’s worth trying it out as a webcam model. Just remember not to use yours. Pick a name that sounds sexy and hot, a name that you like and that your regulars can easily remember.


- Privacy Protection - many online adult webcam sites offer you great features to secure privacy protection. You can block specific countries, and some of them allow you even to block only particular regions and areas. That is important for any webcam girl that wants to stay as private as possible. You can block any place where you think there may be someone that knows you in real life, and you don’t want them to visit the online porn cam site and find you. Keep that in mind and check those things before choosing your adult webcam site.


- WHOIS - to make it short and straightforward, WHOIS is a protocol used for querying databases that store information such as domain name or IP address. If you want to keep your profile private, we suggest that you purchase WHOIS protection before starting to work on the adult webcam site.


- Social Media Privacy - you should know that online porn cam sites cannot block any social media accounts. If you build up your social media following as a webcam model, you do it on your own since adult webcam sites don’t take any part in that. The same goes for any other network you register with outside of your primary webcam sex online site.


Choose Your Network


With so many best adult webcam sites, you can easily navigate and scroll for the best features they can offer you. Be aware that ‘best’ is a very subjective opinion sometimes, what works for you, may not work for another cam girl. Best adult webcam sites compete against each other regarding traffic, functionalities or payouts. What should you consider then when choosing the online porn cam site that can work best for you? Have a look at those few points:


- Site traffic - you want to know how much traffic the site generates before you start your career as a webcam model. The more traffic the cam girl website drives, the more traffic you will get as well. Think about all those users that can end up in your erotic chat room and all the money you can earn from the tips they will leave you after you perform the best live sex show they have ever seen.


- Payment - be sure to check things such as payment schedules and methods of payment. It’s important to know when you get paid and if you can get paid quickly, without going through too much of a hassle of setting up a new payment method. Also, terms of payment are something that every new webcam girl should carefully check, fully understanding how much fees each online porn cam site charges.


- Webcam site features - with such a huge choice of adult webcam sites you need to compare all the features each one of them offers carefully. Many free live sex show sites offer plenty of free tools for both amateur webcam girls and professional webcam models, that can help them stay organized and perform different kinds of shows. Some of the online sex webcams only let cam girls work for tips in private sex chat rooms (not in a free public sex chat). Check them all out!


- Software Requirements - as we mentioned before, some webcam sites require you to have specific kind of software or hardware. Make sure you check this information before you apply to work as a webcam model with them, you don’t want to get disappointed when you get approved but suddenly cannot perform your best live sex show.


- Competitiveness - best adult webcam sites get a lot of traffic. That is excellent news for you if you want to work as a webcam model, but at the same time, you may have to work and compete more with other hot cam girls. If the traffic is huge, but there aren’t that many webcam girls, then you will get more exposure. But if there is too much competition and you are still an amateur webcam girl, you may want to search for better options. With the busiest and best adult webcam sites, you need to stand out from the crowd in order to get the best customers.


- Marketing - did you know that some of the cam girl websites offer marketing tools? Yes, you can now market your live sex shows. Some of those tools include messaging features, fan clubs, social media integration, and they also allow users to follow their favorite webcam girl to know when she’s available online. That could turn out to be a great promotion for you and take you up from being an amateur webcam girl to being a professional webcam model.     


How To Build The Best Audience


- Webcam Site Follower Network - it’s easy and quick, and also very important. The bigger your followers’ network on the adult webcam site is, the bigger exposure you will get as a webcam model. Users who actively follow you can see when you are available one can message you, or you can let your faithful customers know that you are there waiting for them to perform the best live sex show they have ever seen in the erotic chat room. Camming business is becoming more and more social, so work on the followers’ network. You will only benefit from that.


- Social Media - every webcam model knows about the importance of social media. Adult webcam sites are not everything anymore. You need to get more fans and share extra hot content to keep them following you. Do your research and find out which social media platforms are adult-friendly and which ones may not allow for just any kind of content to be posted.


- Blogs - some free online porn cam sites have blogs and regularly post articles about what’s going on on their website. If you want more exposure and you want to drive more followers, perhaps you should find out if they want to interview such a great hot webcam model like yourself? Or maybe you want to reveal your unique creativity and guest post on their blog? Keep an eye on those; they may be very valuable.


- SEO - invest in building a good website and learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have a good site that can be easily found in search engines, then you have a great chance of success. As a hot webcam model, you should include as much eye-catching information as possible. Tell them about your live sex shows, tricks, and performances you are good at, whether you do fetish shows or not, anything that may be your trademark and that can help you attract the exact type of customer that may potentially be interested in those.


- Model Sites - all those model directory sites for webcam girls can get you some extra traffic and exposure. They allow for listing all the adult webcam networks you already belong to, social media platforms and your website link. Get ready because all of that is just going to pour some extra tips from your regular customers who love the hot webcam girl you are.


- Other Adult Networks - there are also some other sites where you can promote your live sex cam shows. Many people browse a variety of different networks and may just come across your beautiful professional webcam model profile. That can lead them to the adult webcam site where you perform and turn them into long-term fans.


Other Services


Many webcam models want to try out different services either to get some extra income or to get more exposure and build up their followers’ network. If you are looking for other ways to get into porn business rather than just adult webcam sites, here is what you can do:


- Skype Shows - those are not very popular because they are not as simple. Most of them have to be booked in advance and shows are charged per minute. You don’t have a public chat room with Skype chat, so it takes a bit more work and marketing skills to get some live sex shows booked on Skype.


- Make and sell actual porn - simple and straightforward. Many webcam models get into the porn industry by making and selling their own porn videos. The fantastic thing about it is that you don’t have to be online on the free online porn cam site in order to do it. Just practice your acting and selling skills.


- Phone Sex - this is another option to consider if you want to make extra money as a webcam model. With the mobile technology being so advanced nowadays, all the sex calls can be routed directly to your phone. You can get paid by chatting or talking to your customers, and you don’t have to reveal your real identity since your phone number is encrypted and connected through a 3rd party.


- Membership Site - as a cam girl you can open your own Membership Site. In order to access all the online porn content, your fans have to pay first. Have a look at those platforms and check out their free tools to open it. Developing the most basic membership site is free and usually pretty easy.