Every business is unique. People love it, hate it or can’t make up their mind about it. The best product or result, the best value for money, no unnecessary costs is all they consider, but quite often it’s all about the customer experience they can get. The best adult webcam sites are all about the same policy. They want to provide their customers with the best live sex shows and online porn cam experience that will attract more users and will make them want to stay.


The best live webcam sites work very hard to attract regular users. The content they produce has to be continuously updated, making sure the quality is always on top, and the hottest webcam models are there to provide their customers with the most exciting sex performances. For the adult webcam sites, it’s essential to build up a long-term relationship with their clientele, having a great community that enjoys live hot sex and maintaining a stable relationship. Users love to watch the best webcam girls, and they often pick their favorite ones. Adult chat sites have to make sure that they have a wide variety to choose from and that the customer satisfaction is always a priority. But it works both ways. In order to be a valuable customer and have a great relationship with the webcam girls you often need to know how to win their hearts.


So, how do you become the best customer on live sex cam sites? There are some specific rules you should follow, and casinos may be an excellent example for that. The tipping etiquette in casinos resembles a lot the tipping standards on the adult webcam sites, but the main difference is the amount of pleasure you can get. When you tip on the live sex cam site, you don’t risk as much as you risk when you gamble. In casinos, people often lose. In the erotic chat room, you can only gain. And what you earn is the best time and exciting adventure with your hot webcam model.


Live sex chat can turn out to be very profitable. You get as much as you give. The more motivation you can have, the better the result can be. When you gamble, you have to count on luck, but when you chat with the best webcam girl you just need to be the best version of yourself. When it comes to tipping, it’s good to be generous. Why? Because having the right manners and tipping etiquette for a long time can bring you lots of benefits. Adult webcam sites are very open and love to reward their regular customers. By having the right attitude and proper manners, you can receive plenty of bonuses, freebies or even get a golden member status. If you win the heart of your favorite webcam model, she can put you on the list of her most popular customers and offer something extraordinary on your next live sex show.


You have to keep in mind that webcam girls don’t like customers that beg or expect the show for free. They work very hard to keep you happy and to make sure you have a wonderful time on the cam girl website. But they are also very smart, and they know how to sort the type of the clients they get. What you don’t want to is to end up in the box for non-payers or beggars. Also, they are very picky about those customers that only stay in the free public sex chat room. In order to get the best out the live sex show on the online porn cam site, you need to explore every option and every feature and be generous. Whatever you give comes back to you. And often you receive even more. Don’t just sit in this free online sex chat room. Open yourself up for more and get the most exciting adventure in the private erotic chat room with your favorite professional webcam model.


The best webcam girls also don’t like those quiet and hidden lurkers that just stay on the side secretly watching the live sex show. The good part about them is that they are not too demanding or too cheap, they aren’t too loud, and from time to time they will tip a cam girl. But why do you want to be average if you can be the best and win the heart of your hot webcam model?


If you want to improve and get higher on the regular user status, we have prepared a little guide for you to see whether you can consider yourself one of those customers on the adult webcam sites or not. And, it’s important you know how hot cam girls see any of those guys.


1. Active Chatters


You know those people. The life and the soul of a party. They just keep the action going and entertain all the other guests. They are loud, and everyone knows they are there. Well, the same thing can happen on the live sex cam site. But the problem is that on the adult webcam sites they aren’t that welcome since they often create some kind of trouble. They can become friends with everyone and keep the live sex show going, but they often interrupt other users who want to focus on the hot webcam girl giving them top live sex show performance. Also, they usually don’t follow the tipping etiquette and are not very generous, but if they tip they are still more welcome than those who just sit and watch on the free live porn sites.


2. Regulars That Spend


The best webcam girls like a variety of different customers they can always surprise with something new. But they also love their regulars who know them well and appreciate everything they do for them on the live sex show. Those regulars are like the guys at the bar. They stay up late and wait for the bar to close so they can leave. Webcam girls like those regulars just like bartenders love theirs. They don’t spend too much on the adult live cam sites, but they pay regularly. If you are one of those guys, your favorite webcam girl will keep you on top of her list. Why? Because she knows you love her and you will come back to that erotic chat room where she plays.


3. Generous Regulars That Tip


If you ever come across a ‘whale’ in the adult webcam site jargon, you should know that this has been reserved for those guys that regularly tip their favorite webcam models. Those are the regulars that usually go for the private erotic chat room and let the hot cam girl play tricks on them. They love to watch and fulfill their wild sexual fantasies and are very generous when it comes to rewarding and tipping. The best amateur webcam girls and professional webcam models often look for those because they know that the effort they put into their performance on the online porn cam site will pay off. They feel very motivated and always try to improve their live sex shows for those big ‘whales’ that have a massive appreciation for any kinky and sexy performance.


4. Best Friends


You know the value of your best friends. Those are your people, that right hand that will always be there for you, whatever you need and whenever you need them. Best friends the webcam girl has are usually those regulars that spend a lot of time on the online porn cam site, know their favorite webcam model well and are one of her best supports. Different things can happen in the erotic chat room, and sometimes those active chatters or the cheap guys that don’t like to spend can get out of control. If that happens, the webcam girl needs to stay calm and quiet to be able to keep on playing for the rest of the guys that want to enjoy the live sex show. Best friends are there to help a cam girl get out of any unpleasant situation she may fall into. They will keep the others quiet or intervene whenever it’s necessary. Best friends are still very informal; they are not a part of the security. But they are the people a webcam girl values and appreciates and feels safe having around. To become a cam girl’s best friend you need to earn it first. If you are a regular on the adult webcam site, you participate in the live sex shows and private sex chat rooms, and you are generous for the webcam model to remember you, you have a huge chance to win her heart and become her new best friend.


5. Sweet Regulars


Those sweet guys that are very open-minded and sweet to talk to are often called sweethearts. They are lovely to chat with, not too loud, sometimes a bit shy but always respecting their favorite webcam girl. They visit sexy girl live cam very often, know the rules and tipping etiquette and sometimes actually spend a right amount of money to see and enjoy most exciting live sex shows. Many webcam models have and adore those sweet regulars since they are not too demanding and always honest and just lovely.


Now it’s your turn to highlight your good and bad points and think about the category you best fit it. Do you think you can improve anything to improve your experience on the adult webcam site? Are you already one of those regulars that a hot webcam girl loves so much? It’s necessary you answer those questions because all you want to get from the best hot professional webcam models is the pleasure you will never forget.